Easy Paper Quilling for Kids and Beginners

Easy Paper Quilling

Easy paper quilling step by step for children’s creativity. A collection of simple ideas, from light shapes: circles, droplets, ovals, triangles. Quilling animals, birds, plants.

Since the quilling section is already quite large, it’s time to collect all the ideas in one review, with links to detailed instructions.

Easy Paper Quilling Step by Step — TOP Ideas


Quilling Bee

Bee’s sure are busy workers, to celebrate their awesomeness, we will show you how to make a quilling bee. Bring the season to life while making this simple paper strip craft with the young ones.

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Quilling Dragonfly

Step-by-step photo review – quilling dragonfly for kids. Thin paper strips in this tutorial will turn into an insect with fragile wings. And special tools will help us in our work.

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Quilling Chicken

This tutorial presents a quilling chicken with a nest, with step-by-step photos and instructions. Simple shapes, creative work for kids and beginners.

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Sheep Quilling

For many kids crafts, colored paper is used. But it is no less interesting to craft from paper strips. Such creativity is called quilling. This tutorial presents a sheep quilling made of white and black paper stripes.

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By twisting narrow paper strips, various openwork figures can be obtained. This time it is a quilling ladybug, all the steps for creating which are demonstrated in the tutorial.

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Easy Paper Quilling — Umbrella

Quilling Umbrella

An original decoration for cards can be made from paper strips. I propose in this tutorial to make an openwork quilling umbrella.

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Butterfly Quilling

Openwork elements allow you to create the quilling technique. For example, paper strips can make a beautiful butterfly quilling, which then becomes part of a greeting card.

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This review presents quilling fish, which is made of paper strips in two colors. There are a lot of options for fish, this time it is a angelfish.

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Quilling Fox

The quilling fox in this tutorial is a specific twist and placement of thin paper strips. All details are very simple, basic forms.

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Quilling Turtle

Today we will make a quilling turtle from paper strips. And this interesting technique and this master class will help in this.

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Quilling Mouse

Making various crafts from narrow paper strips is known as quilling. In this master class we will make a quilling mouse.

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Easy Paper Quilling — Bird

Quilling Bird

Quilling bird for kids and beginners. It consists of simple shapes: circles and droplets, which belong to the basic forms of quilling technique.

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Quilling Flower

An openwork quilling flower made of paper stripes can become a decoration for a postcard. This creative work is displayed in a detailed master class.

Read More: Quilling Flower

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