Easy Pinecone Hedgehog

Easy Pinecone Hedgehog

Easy pinecone hedgehog step by step. An interesting way to make a hedgehog for the fall holidays. Work option for preschool kids.

What you need for fun creativity:

  • Clay brown, black and white;
  • Pinecone;
  • Stack, mat for work.

Easy Pinecone Hedgehog Step by Step

Since the body of the hedgehog is a pinecone, most of the work is already done. It remains to finish the sharp-nosed muzzle and paws characteristic of a hedgehog.

Depending on the size of the pinecone, blind the following simple details:

  • From brown clay – a nose with a pyramid or a carrot, mark the mouth (smile) with a stack;
  • From the same color you will need paws. To mold them, kids first roll up small balls, then they should be flattened to an oval state. The stack can make small cuts;
  • Roll up a ball from black clay, which will be the nose of the hedgehog;
  • Blind eyes from white and black.

Attach the resulting muzzle to a pinecone, add paws from below. Everything, a easy pinecone hedgehog is ready.
If desired, kids can fashion small fruits (apple, pear) and stick them to a pinecone. As an option – mushrooms, leaves.

You can also mold a natural fall leaf. With a sly smile, the hedgehog is even more funny. The length of the muzzle can be varied at will, just like other parts of the hedgehog.

Easy Pinecone Hedgehog

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