Felt, Button, and Stick Flower Craft

Felt, Button, and Stick Flower

Felt, button, and stick flower is a very simple craft for kids. Original work in combination of different materials: felt, paper, wooden stick, buttons.

Prepare the following materials:

  • Craft stick of any shape;
  • Thick felt for a flower;
  • Buttons for the core of the flower;
  • Green paper for the leaf;
  • Green gouache to paint over a wooden stick;
  • Scissors, glue.

Felt, Button, and Stick Flower Step by Step

At the first stage, paint over the ice cream stick in green. While it dries, make the rest of the simple details of the craft. Cut out the leaf.

Cut out a flower of any shape from felt. It can be a randomly drawn flower, or a template taken from the Internet. Templates for children can be prepared in advance. Very soft felt is not suitable for work, as it is, in fact, a fabric.

You need a dense felt so that the flower does not change its shape. Prepare the buttons for the core.

You can use one button or several. When the wooden stick is dry, glue the felt flower on one side. Add a core of two buttons.

Felt, Button, and Stick Flower

And at the end, glue the sheet on the side. Everything, a flower made of felt and ice cream sticks is ready. The work is fast and not difficult at all. Kids will definitely enjoy the process itself, and especially the combination of different materials.

Felt, Button, and Stick Flower

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