Felt Flower — Step by Step Idea for Kids

Felt Flower

You can make a variety of crafts from felt, but flowers are especially interesting. In this tutorial, we will show one of the options for what a felt flower can be.

To create such a flower you will need:

  • blue and yellow felt;
  • scissors;
  • cardboard;
  • glue gun;
  • pencil.

Felt Flower Step by Step

In our flower, the petals will be made of blue felt, and yellow will be required for the middle. Let’s start by making a template for the petals. To do this, you need cardboard on which we draw the outline of the petal. Then we cut out this blank.

Next, transfer this petal to the blue felt.

Circle it and carefully cut it out with scissors.

Such petals for our flower will need 8 pieces.

Felt Flower

For the middle of the yellow felt, we need to cut a strip 4 cm wide and about 20 cm long.

We begin to connect its edges along the long side with hot glue.

You get such a narrow blank.

Next, we take the scissors and begin to make frequent cuts from the side of the fold (they should not reach the opposite edge).

Now we begin to twist this strip, and periodically we will fix it with hot glue.

The voluminous fluffy center for the felt flower is ready.

Then we begin to glue the blue petals. First, we fix a pair of petals opposite each other.

Felt Flower

Then add 2 more petals.

Felt Flower

Next, add the second row, which will consist of 4 petals.

Felt Flower

The felt flower is ready.

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