Felt Mouse with Cheese Craft

Felt Mouse

We offer to make a small craft from felt using this tutorial. This time it will be a felt mouse with cheese.

You will need the following materials:

  • felt gray, yellow, black;
  • glue gun;
  • scissors (you will additionally need small nail scissors);
  • plastic eyes.

Felt Mouse with Cheese Step by Step

First, we will make the main blank for the future mouse. This will be a drop-shaped part cut out of gray felt.

Additionally, from the same felt we cut out a pair of blanks for the ears (they will have the shape of circles) and a thin tail.

From black felt, we only need a small circle, which will become the nose of the mouse. Fix it with hot glue.

Add decorative eyes to our felt rodent.

Felt Mouse

From the gray circles you need to make ears. To do this, apply a drop of hot glue to the edge of the round blank, and then connect the edges. Get such voluminous ears.

We glue them on the main gray blank.

Felt Mouse

Add a thin ponytail.

Felt Mouse

Felt Cheese

It remains to prepare a piece of cheese. For him, first cut out a square from yellow felt.

Then we will use nail scissors, it is better to take those that have rounded tips. With their help, we cut holes in the yellow blank of various diameters. We also make small cuts along the edge of the square.

We connect together the mouse with a piece of cheese. It turned out such a mouse made of felt with cheese.

Felt Mouse

Felt Mouse

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