Felt Valentine with a Cat

Felt Valentine

A simple felt valentine with a cat. Step-by-step instructions with photos, easy work with thick felt.

What you need for crafts:

  • Thick red felt;
  • The same dense structure of yellow felt; plastic eyes;
  • Adhesive rhinestones;
  • Gel pens;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, PVA glue.

Felt Valentine with a Cat Step by Step

Prepare thick felt. Cut out a big red heart from it, and cut out the details of the cat from yellow felt: head, paws and curved tail.

I recommend drawing all parts of the valentine first on paper in order to create your own stencil, cut it out, and then use it on felt, tracing the cut out details.

If desired, the thick felt can be replaced with a soft one on the heart, stuffed with padding polyester and sewn a not very thick soft heart, and then add a cat to it.

In this work, everything is much simpler, the paws, head and tail must simply be glued with glue. PVA does a good job, ideally – glue Moment or with a thermal gun.

Felt Valentine

Complete the cat’s face, add eyes, a nose and a mustache with a smile. The eyes here are plastic, everything else is drawn with gel pens. Alternatively, you can use a black bead for the nose, and display the mustache with a smile through threads. But this, of course, is more subtle and painstaking work.

Felt Valentine

At the last stage, the heart can be decorated with any decor, in this version – sticky multi-colored rhinestones, but also suitable: beads, sequins, beads.

Felt Valentine

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