Fir Cone Crocodile Craft

Fir Cone Crocodile

Fir cone crocodile step by step for kids. The central element of this craft is a fir cone. It will be the body of the crocodile, and we will make the rest of its parts from clay. The whole process of making this craft is shown in this tutorial.

You will need:

  • clay set;
  • fir cone;
  • plastic stack.

Fir Cone Crocodile Step by Step

First, roll a ball out of green clay.

Now we will form the head and mouth of the crocodile from it. To do this, we make an elongated blank of the following form. You will get a slightly uneven pear. It should be in advance to correlate the size of the fir cone and the future head.

We attach this head to the fir cone, which will be the body of the crocodile.

Fir Cone Crocodile

Let’s use a plastic stack and make a cut. So let’s designate the mouth of the animal.

We sculpt teeth from small pieces of white clay and attach them to the mouth.

On the sides of the head, add a couple of white round blanks that will become the basis for the eyes.

On top of them we fix black balls – pupils. So we made the eyes of our crocodile.

Fir Cone Crocodile

Now prepare 4 balls of green clay of the same size.

From them we will sculpt the paws of a crocodile. To do this, roll the balls into “sausages”, and then bend them.

We attach these paws to the sides of the fir cone.

Fir Cone Crocodile

Next, we roll out a long “sausage” from green clay. Its length should be more than a fir cone.

Slightly flatten it along the entire length.

Now cut out the cloves with a plastic stack.

We fix this blank on top of the fir cone.

Fir Cone Crocodile

And in the back, under it, we fix the tail, which will be made in the form of a “sausage” with a narrowed end. Fir cone crocodile is ready. Accordingly, in the same way, it is possible to mold a crocodile from clay alone, replacing the fir cone with an oval-shaped clay blank.

Fir Cone Crocodile

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