EVA Foam Crafts for Kids — DIY Ideas

Foam Crafts

Easy foam crafts for children and beginners. Step-by-step ideas for various needlework, easy tutorial.

Foamiran is a soft synthetic material that is used in various types of crafts. With its help you can create flowers and decor, toys, decorations, and funny products.

The main feature of this plastic suede is its ability to slightly stretch when heated. Thanks to this, you can create different shapes and wonderful products that, over time, remain as rich in color as they were originally.

EVA Foam Crafts — Сollection of Ideas for Creativity

Small Flower Made of Foam

foam flower

A simple small flower can be used as decor for collages, crafts, or as an element of jewelry. It consists of small quatrefoils connected in a certain way into one whole.

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Hair Ornament

Glitter Foam Sheet Hair Accessories

Decorating your hair with a handmade hairpin is not only the pleasure of handicraft, but also the opportunity to make a hairpin of a certain color and type. Using shiny foam, a bead, a pin and a heat gun, you can create such bright beauty for your hair.

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Beautiful Flower

The most interesting thing is to use foam to create flowers. The varieties of their shapes, colors and types of this material are simply unlimited. Creative work involves the joint efforts of children and adults, since you will need a hot iron to plasticize the petals.

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Lollipop Hairpin

Foam Lollipop Hair Clip Craft

How about a bright candy cane to decorate your hair? Interesting work with foam is presented step by step. Make such a candy to surprise others with your creativity and your own skill.

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Flower for Beginners

EVA Foam Flower for Beginners

Are you going to experiment with a new material for yourself — foam? This flower is just for beginners in this type of creativity. It consists of simple petals connected into one whole using a heat gun.

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Rainbow from Foam

Rainbow Hair Clips

Another original solution for a hairpin is a bright rainbow with clouds. Stock up on multi-colored sheets of foam and treat yourself to an interesting homemade hair decoration.

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EVA Foam Crafts for Kids — Butterfly

Foam Butterfly

You can make a wide variety of characters from flexible, creative foam. For example, this butterfly. For it you will need glitter foam of two colors, rhinestone decor and a heat gun.

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Dragonfly from Foam

Pipe Cleaner Dragonfly

In addition to silver foam, this creative work also uses chenille wire and rhinestones. The final look of the craft is incredibly bright. A real handmade jewel.

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Magnet Heart

Heart Magnet

A heart-shaped magnet can be used as a craft for Valentine’s Day. A funny heart is a good surprise for loved ones and an easy creative work.

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Flower Made of Glitter Foam

How do You Make Easy Glitter Foam Flower

A very light flower made of foam. But, due to heat treatment, you will need adult help. Made from glitter foam and purchased stamens.

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Rose from Foam

How to Make Foam Rose Flowers

The most popular flowers made from foam are roses. They are made in different ways. The simplest one is used here, where a braid is first braided, which then turns into a rose.

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Easy Flowers

Easy Flowers from Glitter Foam

Another type of flower that is suitable for children and beginners. Despite their simplicity, thanks to shiny foam and pearls, they look attractive and bright.

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White Mouse

Foam Mouse

Great craft for kids. The mouse consists of circles of different sizes, which are cut from textured white foam.

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Christmas Foam Crafts

Christmas Tree Ornament Made of Foam

Glitter Foam Christmas Ornaments

Create a Christmas mood and decoration with your own hands. Make this Christmas tree ornament from glitter blue and silver foam.

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Santa Claus from Foam

Santa Claus Made of Foam and Cotton Pads

A very easy craft for children. The craft can be a pendant — a decoration for a room or a Christmas tree.

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Foam is a good material for children’s creativity, it is non-toxic and harmless to the environment, easy to cut and stretch, without sharp edges and heat-resistant, does not fade and is pleasant to work with.

Foam crafts can be incredibly beautiful, especially toys and flowers, and also perfect. But here are simple works for children’s creativity.

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