Foam Lollipop Hair Clip Craft

Foam Lollipop Hair Clip Craft

You can make an original decoration for a girl with your own hands. Today we have a tutorial — a foam lollipop hair clip craft.

To create this decoration we took:

  • thin foam in three colors;
  • ruler with toothpick;
  • scissors;
  • rhinestones;
  • metal fittings for hairpins;
  • glue gun

Foam Lollipop Hair Clip Craft Step by Step

Let’s start our craft by making a lollipop cane. To do this, cut out 3 strips of different foam, 1 cm wide and 25 cm long. First, mark them using a ruler and a toothpick.

Now we stack them on top of each other, with the tips positioned slightly offset.

We start from this end by twisting all the strips together. The other edge needs to be fixed with a glue gun. At the same time, we also cut off the edges of the strips with a slight offset and secure them with hot glue. This lollipop was made from thin foam.

Next we must prepare the base for the hairpin. To do this, you need to cover the metal fittings with a strip of yellow foam. The length should be approximately 1 cm longer than the metal base.

We glue this strip using a glue gun and bend the edges.

For the bow, we prepared a rectangle of blue foam 3.5×6 cm and a narrow strip 1×3 cm.

Let’s start forming the bow. To do this, mark the center of the rectangular blank, folding it in half in different directions.

Then apply a drop of hot glue to the center and connect the edges.

After this, you need to apply a drop of hot glue on the back side (on the sides of the center), this will allow you to make folds.

Let’s use scissors and round off the edges of our blue bow.

We will stretch it in the center with a yellow strip of foam, securing it on the reverse side.

Let’s start assembling our hairpin. First, glue a round lollipop onto the base.

Foam Lollipop Hair Clip Craft

Nearby we fix a bow made of foam in two colors.

Foam Lollipop Hair Clip Craft

All that remains is to decorate with shiny rhinestones. This hairpin looks like a foam lollipop hair clip.

Foam Lollipop Hair Clip Craft

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