Giraffe Craft for Valentine’s Day

Giraffe Craft

An easy 3D giraffe craft that kids can make for Valentine’s Day. The volume of the craft is given by a roll, which is made of colored paper.

But you can also use a toilet paper roll, pasted over with yellow paper or painted with yellow paints.

Materials for work:

  • Colored cardboard for the base;
  • Yellow paper for giraffe;
  • Red and pink paper for hearts;
  • Moving plastic eyes;
  • Scissors, glue, figured hole punch.

Giraffe Craft Step by Step

Prepare a piece of colored cardboard for the base on which the craft will be presented. In this work, it is rectangular in shape. You will also need a piece of yellow paper, from which there will be a roll-body of a giraffe.

Roll up the paper and glue the edges.

Glue the roll onto the cardboard base.

Now prepare the giraffe’s head. To do this, you can take yellow cardboard so that the head is more holistic. Cut out an oval, ears and two thin strips that will be the horns of the animal. At this stage, draw an arc and dots on the oval.

Glue all the small details to the head, and then attach it to the roll-body itself, placing it a little on its side.

Giraffe Craft

Make lots of pink and red hearts using a hole puncher.

Glue two red hearts on the horns, the rest of the red hearts will be as giraffe spots. Decorate the background with pink.

Giraffe Craft

That’s it, giraffe craft for Valentine’s Day is ready. It is very simple, ideal for kid’s creativity. The giraffe looks beautiful against the background of any color.

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