Greeting Card for Mom: Volumetric Heart

Greeting Card for Mom

A greeting card for mother made by yourself with a bright, voluminous heart can be timed to Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or Mom’s birthday. The card itself is not complicated at all, the only painstaking point is the letters, but if you have a special stencil with letters this will make the task much easier. In any case, pleasant words can be written with a marker.

What is needed for work?

  • The cardboard of red and green colors;
  • White paper;
  • Just a little piece of yellow colored paper of black, dark-blue or blue color;
  • The markers, graphite pencil, scissors, glue stick or double sided tape.

Greeting Card for Mom

DIY Greeting Card for Mom Step by Step

Fold in half red and green cardboard.

Greeting Card for Mom

We will not need green cardboard yet, set it aside, and we will work with the red one. Draw half a heart on it. Draw on the folded cardboard, starting from the fold. In the photo, the folded side is from the left.

Greeting Card for Mom

Cut with scissors along the lines drawn, just note, you need not cut out the whole heart, because we have no goal to make the whole card in the shape of a heart, but only the inside of it. Therefore, cut the heart from above and below, and leave an uncut area of ​​1.5 cm or 2 cm just above the middle. The photo shows the area that does not need to be cut.

Greeting Card for Mom

It is ok if you have it a little higher or lower. Just make sure it is not below the middle, since subsequently the volumetric heart will have a large angle of inclination; because of the too-cut upper part, it may lean downwards too much.

Open the cardboard, the heart is concave inwards in it, so redirect it to the other side, fold it outward. Close this part of the future postcard and press it well. This is such a big volumetric heart.

Greeting Card for Mom

Make it beautiful eyes. Cut out two large white circles, two blue ones twice smaller and two small black ones for the pupils. Glue in a certain sequence, as it is shown in the photo. Draw small arrows, eyelashes with a marker. Also cut a smile out of white paper and stick it on the heart.

Next, stick the red cardboard to the green one. Glue should be applied to the red cardboard, first on one side, after it is glued, on the second one. The main thing is not to glue the heart itself. After all, when opening a postcard, it should pop up forward, be voluminous, and then, when it is closed, also fold in half. If you have a double-sided tape, it is better to use it, so the surface of the postcard remains flat, does not bend and does not become covered with hillocks, as sometimes happens when the paper interacts with the glue.

Greeting Card for Mom

DIY greeting card for the mother is ready, even in this form you can give it to your mom. But good words are pleasant to everyone. Therefore, you can circle around the stencil or print the necessary letters from the Internet and paste them to the postcard.

Or write nice letters with the markers. It is even better to write by hand and in small letters, because many pleasant words and even rhymes will fit on the sides of the heart.

You can also decorate the top of the card with paper flowers, hearts, and bows.

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