Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Incredibly funny, little scary but also funny Halloween toilet paper roll Monsters. It is very interesting to make them because there are no limits, only your personal fantasy.

I will show you some ideas of Halloween monsters but it is not at all difficult to come up with your own character, using different colors of paper, the number of eyes, coming up with new awesome details.

For the crafts you will need:

  • A toilet paper roll;
  • Some color paper of the desired shade. As a rule, the main colors of Halloween are purple, orange, bright green, red, and black;
  • The moving eyes;
  • The markers, graphite pencil, scissors, glue stick.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters Step by Step

Purple Monster

The sheet of paper is measured by the size of the roll; you can do it directly on it. Cut the rectangle you need.

Glue the paper to the roll. Apply the glue, in addition to the edges, in the middle part of the roll.

Choose the most attractive side and make cloves of different sizes in the upper part. Note that at the edges they should be bigger. You can first draw them with a pencil. Cut off. The back can be cut in a straight line.

Draw a circle on the red paper, cut it in half. You will also need a wide, sinister smile, cut out of white crescent-shaped paper. Draw the lines imitating teeth on the smile.

Glue the eyes, draw the pupils with a black marker. Add a smile and a scary purple toilet paper roll monster is ready.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Green Monster

Customize the desired size corresponding to the roll on the green paper. Cut off.

Glue to the roll.

It will be a monster-woman with a hairstyle. To do this, cut off the strips of yellow paper, equal to the circumference of the roll. Make small strips on one side of the paper, up to half or slightly more with the scissors.


Glue to the roll.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Cut out arbitrary shapes that will become hands, and maybe wings. They can be completely different. Anything that comes to mind will do.

Glue the arms, wings, eyes of different sizes (they can be made from white and black paper). Draw the sad brows and a mouth. The green monster-woman is ready.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Yellow Toilet Paper Roll Monster

Prepare the part corresponding to the length and circumference of the toilet paper roll.

Glue the cut and cut out any limbs from yellow paper, and the horns from the red one.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Glue the horns, one eye, and the hands. Draw the nostrils and mouth in the form of a wavy line with a black marker. The yellow monster is ready in a few minutes.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Orange Monster

Measure the size of the roll for a piece of orange paper.

Glue to the toilet paper roll. Cut out the small orange wings, black smile, and red curved tongue.

Glue the wings on the roll at the top, add three eyes, mouth with the tongue. Draw a nose.

I also wanted to decorate the monster with pointed green paper hair. The monster is ready.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

These are the Halloween monsters made of the toilet paper rolls.

The whole process is very exciting. And the children are delighted with such creativity. Each child can put his or her own vision of the monster in the craftwork, and all the crafts will be unique and creative.

Halloween Toilet Paper Roll Monsters

Even more ideas in the heading — crafts for Halloween.

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