Heart Snail Craft for Kids

Heart Snail Craft

An excellent gift from a child for Valentine’s Day — heart snail craft. In addition, this is an interesting and easy art for kids, interior decoration.

The stick can be stuck in a pot of home flowers, between books and other objects.

For this simple job you will need:

  • Double-sided colored cardboard, paper;
  • Stick;
  • Some corrugated paper;
  • Moving or homemade paper eyes;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick, felt-tip pens.

Heart Snail Craft Step by Step

Cut a strip of crepe paper and wrap it around the skewers. At the beginning and end of the process, fix the paper with glue.

You can even skip this step, that is, use the kebab stick in its original form.

  • Draw and cut out a simple snail body from colored cardboard, rounded on one side and with a protruding tail on the other.
  • The snail shell consists of three hearts of different sizes. They look prettier in different colors. Hearts can be cut out of double-sided colored paper.
  • You will also need two strips of cardboard and two small hearts for the antennae.

Glue hearts to the body of the snail, starting with a large one and ending with a small one. It is better to apply glue only in the center of the heart, so that the sides can be slightly raised, giving the craft an interesting volume.

Heart Snail Craft

Glue small hearts on the tips of the antennae and attach the snails to the head. Glue or draw a smile, eyes and a heart snail craft as a gift is ready.

Heart Snail Craft
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