Hearts Valentines Day Card for Kids

Hearts Valentines Day Card

There are many ways you can do something nice for your loved one. The simplest of them is to say about it or give a card. This tutorial includes a hearts Valentines day card, bright and simple.

For such a postcard we will prepare:

  • paper of different colors;
  • black marker;
  • glue pencil;
  • satin braid;
  • scissors.

Hearts Valentines Day Card Step by Step

On the front side of the greeting card there will be hearts of different colors. They all must be paired. First, cut out a couple of blanks of the same size from red paper. To do this, fold a sheet of paper in half, make a fold, and then cut out the outline of half the heart.

We got these 2 red hearts.

Then we cut out the remaining hearts from paper of other colors.

The basis for the card will be a green sheet of paper folded in half. Glue red hearts onto it in the center. To do this, apply glue to only one of the halves of each heart, and then apply them to the base.

We distribute heart-shaped blanks of a different color evenly on the card and glue them.

Using a black marker, draw lines from the bottom of each heart. It turns out to be a kind of bouquet.

Hearts Valentines Day Card

Cut out smaller hearts from small pieces of paper and glue them on the lines.

Hearts Valentines Day Card

We tie a bow from a red satin ribbon.

We glue it to the bottom of our craft.

Hearts Valentines Day Card

This is how the hearts Valentines day card. An easy craft for children that they can make themselves and give to their loved ones.

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