Hedgehog Valentine Craft For Kids

Hedgehog Valentine Craft

This cute loving hedgehog with a 3D heart is an easy craft that kids can make for Valentine’s Day.
All the details of the hedgehog are light, there is no need for any precise measurements or artistic skill.

Children can draw the components of the craft by hand and at their own discretion.

The following materials were used in this work:

  • Brown cardboard;
  • Yellow and red papers;
  • Black and brown markers;
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue stick.

Hedgehog Valentine Craft Step by Step

Cut out a long unfinished oval from brown cardstock. From yellow paper (you can also use cardboard), cut a strip the size of which corresponds to a brown semi-oval. On one side of the strip, cut off the corners to make a sharp peak. The tip of the peak can be cut off a little.

Fold the pointed area.

Glue the yellow stripe to the brown half-oval. On the bent triangle, which is the hedgehog’s muzzle, draw eyes and a nose.

Make a fringe along the entire edge of the brown cardboard. Cut into thin strips of different widths and angles. Fluff it up a little.

Hedgehog Valentine Craft

3D Heart for a Loving Hedgehog

There will be a heart in the hedgehog’s paws, but not a simple one, but in a three-dimensional version. Cut out 5 identical hearts from red paper. Young children can cut out 2-3, and older ones can cut out 5-8. The more hearts, the larger and more beautiful the heart. Also cut out two small ovals from yellow paper, which will be the legs of the hedgehog.

Fold the hearts in half.

Apply glue to one side of the heart and glue the side of the second heart to it. Glue all the folded hearts together in this way. You will get this 3D version of it.

Glue the heart to the body of the loving hedgehog, and the paws on the sides. That’s it, a hedgehog Valentine craft is ready.

Hedgehog Valentine Craft

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