Helicopter from Apple and Carrot

Helicopter from apple and carrot

Another fruit and vegetable craft idea is an apple and carrot helicopter. All components are fastened with toothpicks.

What materials will be needed:

  • An apple of any color;
  • 1-2 carrots, depending on size;
  • Toothpicks;
  • Knife.

Helicopter from Apple and Carrot Step by Step

Since a knife is used in the work, in order to avoid injury, you will need the help and supervision of adults who will process the carrots.

Prepare an apple. Try to choose a beautiful, round fruit to make the helicopter more complete and rounded. Color can be any: yellow, red, green. Cut the apple in half.

Prepare helicopter parts from carrots. Depending on the size of the vegetable, its quantity is determined. If the carrot is small, even two or three pieces may be required. Carrots need to be peeled, but, if desired, can be washed thoroughly. Cut out the trapezoidal flat tail of the helicopter as well as the triangular tail. Next, prepare two oblong pieces to make the chassis and screws.

Helicopter from apple and carrot

Using toothpicks, fasten the tail section, add screws crosswise on top, and attach the chassis on the bottom.

That’s it, the apple and carrot helicopter is ready. The craft will attract attention at the autumn holiday; children, especially boys, will definitely like it.

Helicopter from apple and carrot

You can make a lot of different crafts from apples. For example, a bunny made of apples, a rooster made of apples and leaves, a turkey made of apples and leaves, and many other ideas that can be found in the collection are apple crafts for your kids.

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