How to Draw a Caterpillar: 2 Ways Step by Step for Kids

How to Draw a Caterpillar

Interested in how to draw a caterpillar? It’s very simple, just draw circles or ovals of different sizes. And this briefing will show a clear version of what a caterpillar can be.

Materials for work:

  • Paper;
  • Simple pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Colored pencils or markers.

How to Draw a Caterpillar. 1 Way

How to Draw a Caterpillar

Draw an oval approximately in the center of the sheet. It will be the largest of the following small ovals, since we will highlight the head in size.

Draw a small oval to the lower area of ​​​​the large oval, next to it is another one. And then draw the ovals so that they go a little to the side and back. The torso, as it were, will be located in the background.

Draw antennae for the caterpillar, as well as paws.

Add eyes and a smile. You can also draw small spots along all circles, except for the head.

Everything, the insect is ready, it remains only to color it in green, the spots in yellow, and highlight the pupils with black.

How to Draw a Caterpillar

How to Draw a Caterpillar
Caterpillar Drawing for Kids: 2 Way

How to Draw a Caterpillar

This caterpillar is long, the body is directed to the right side. Therefore, the head should be placed to the left. Draw the first circle.

Add a small oval for a pretty big funny nose.

Erase the line of the head in the nose area and complete the look with eyes, eyebrows and a smile.

Draw a second circle at the bottom of the first circle.

Add two more circles, slightly uneven and pointing to the right.

Complete the torso with two more circles, with the last one being the smallest.

Add legs in the form of small ovals along the entire body of the caterpillar.

How to Draw a Caterpillar
Color to your liking. All work completed.

How to Draw a Caterpillar
These are two of the many options for how to draw a caterpillar, because there are a lot of ways. The idea is suitable for preschool children, because drawing ovals or circles is very easy and unpretentious.

More ideas in the section — how to draw.

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