How to Draw a Hedgehog: 3 Easy Ways Step by Step

How to Draw a Hedgehog

I offer several ways how to draw a hedgehog simply and quickly. All drawings are presented step by step with detailed photos.

Drawing materials:

  • Paper;
  • Simple pencil, eraser;
  • Compass;
  • Felt pens, crayons or pencils.

How to draw a hedgehog

Method 1

How to Draw a Hedgehog

Draw an oval at the bottom of the sheet, leaving room for the paws.

Add a triangle-nose slightly curved upwards, at the end of which draw a small circle. Do not forget to draw with a simple pencil, without pressure, so that later the extra lines can be erased.

Actually, erase with an eraser part of the circle in the nose area. Draw an eye, eyebrow, smile, dots on the nose.

Draw needles on top and in the back of the oval. They can be of different shapes: heterogeneous peaks or ordinary triangles connected in a line in a circle.

Draw 4 paws at the bottom.

How to Draw a Hedgehog
Color the hedgehog: the body is orange, the needles are brown. Or at your own discretion.

How to Draw a Hedgehog

Drawing a Hedgehog in Stages: 2 Way

How to Draw a Hedgehog

With light pencil movements, draw the muzzle and tummy of the future hedgehog.

Draw the area of ​​the needles.

Add a nose, eye, mouth and paws.

Along the outer line from the forehead to the very bottom, draw a zigzag line. A straight line can be erased with an eraser.

Draw needles on the entire area intended for this.

Color to your liking.

How to Draw a Hedgehog

How to Draw a Hedgehog

How to Draw a Hedgehog: Method 3

How to Draw a Hedgehog

This option is rather comical and funny, but very easy, especially for children.
Draw a circle with a compass.

Draw a neat nose with a circle at the end in its center.

Add eyes, a smile and raised eyebrows.

At the bottom, draw two paws from different sides.

Around the circle, start drawing long peaks, slightly curved to the side.

How to Draw a Hedgehog
Color your creation. The hedgehog drawing is ready.

How to Draw a Hedgehog

More ideas in the section — how to draw.

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