How to Draw a Lion — 6 Step by Step Lessons for Kids

How to Draw a Lion

Do you have a problem? Don’t know how to draw a lion? Then these lessons are simply created for you: with step-by-step photos of different levels of difficulty.

Take care of the materials:

  • White paper;
  • A simple, well-sharpened pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Colored pencils.

How to Draw a Lion — 1 Lesson

How to Draw a Lion

Draw easily and with pleasure such a bright lion.

Start your creativity with a round head.

Add a slightly larger round body at the bottom.

Get rid of the unnecessary line in the head area and draw round ears and a muzzle.

Use an eraser to remove the lines crossing the ears. Add semicircles to the ears. Draw eyes, nose, smile.

Draw a zigzag mane around the head.

Use an eraser to carefully remove the lines in the mane. Add a long mustache and draw a slightly wavy line to define the head.

Remove the round part of the head from below; the pattern at this stage should be as shown in the photo.

Let’s move on to the paws. First, draw four straight lines down, two of which are connected by a semicircular arc at the top.

Complete the paw drawing. Here we draw only one pair, but, by default, we will assume that the second pair is still there, but somewhere in the background.

Draw the tail.

And separately add a brush to the tip of the tail.

How to Draw a Lion

Now the lion is completely ready for use, that is, for coloring.

How to Draw a Lion

This can be done using pencils, wax crayons, felt-tip pens. It is quite convenient to paint a large drawing with gouache.

How to Draw a Lion

How to Draw a Lion Easily — Lesson 2

How to Draw a Lion

If your choice fell on this drawing of a lion, then start with the head. Draw a circle or light oval.

Mark the muzzle as in the photo.

Finish with eyes, eyebrows, mustache, nose.

Add ears on top.

Draw a wavy mane around the head.

Now let’s move on to the body. It is very simple and small.

Add semi-ovals on the sides, starting to display the bent paws of the lion, since the predator itself will be in a sitting position.

Draw the paw circles.

Erase the unnecessary lines on the paws and draw the outline of the belly.

A tail with a tassel will complete the animal’s design.

How to Draw a Lion

This is how the contour version of the lion turned out.

How to Draw a Lion

Paint it in suitable colors, usually yellow-orange-brown.

How to Draw a Lion

Draw a Lion — 3 Lesson

How to Draw a Lion

In this version of the drawing, the lion will be in the process of walking, with all four paws.

Let’s start with the head again. Draw a circle — the future head of the animal.

After this, we will immediately designate the mane, which will also be in the form of a circle, only a little larger in size in comparison with the head.

The muzzle is somewhat complex, so we will draw it step by step and in detail. Draw the shape shown in the picture.

Add more small details in the form of a mouth and nose.

Now draw simple round eyes, mustaches and ears.

Show the mane using wavy lines. The head is ready.

Let’s move on to the body. Add a slightly uneven semi-oval to the side of the head.

From below, carefully draw the walking paws.

Erase the lines crossing the paws and mark the claws.

Finally, as usual, a thin ponytail with a tassel.

The illustration is complete.

How to Draw a Lion

Color your own creation in suitable colors.

How to Draw a Lion

How to Draw a Lion — 4 Lesson

How to Draw a Lion

This lion can be called a lion cub, but the cubs do not have such a luxurious mane. Therefore, the drawing is more related to a kind of cartoon version of a lion, which does not look at all menacing and dangerous, like its real prototype.

Let’s start again with the head, round like the sun.

But the muzzle will be oval, it will also have a nose and a smile.

Then we add eyes and ears.

Now let’s move on to the impressive mane, but let’s start with the bangs.

In the area of the bangs, erase the circle line, and then draw such a zigzag, chic mess around the head.

Now we move on to the body and draw the two front legs and the arch of the abdomen.

Then draw the two hind legs and the back of the lion.

A ponytail and tassel will complete the process.

How to Draw a Lion

The drawing is ready.

How to Draw a Lion

This is how he is painted.

How to Draw a Lion

Drawing a Lion Step by Step — 5 Lesson

How to Draw a Lion

The easiest way to draw this strong animal, although in this version it is rather cute and funny.

Let’s start with the head. It will be light oval in shape.

Next, the oval shape will need to be transformed into a pumpkin-shaped one. To do this, display diverging lines at the top.

Erase the line of the oval, draw eyes and a muzzle.

Add small ears.

Draw a mane around the head. By the way, it can be of any shape. Children can draw in a way that is easier for them, for example, in the form of light waves or even a circle.

Moving on to the front legs, first draw straight lines.

And at their tips display paws with claws.

Draw a second pair of paws in the background and a small line to complete the belly.

Don’t forget the tail.

The drawing is ready.

How to Draw a Lion

Grab some colored pencils and add a pop of color to your art.

How to Draw a Lion

How to Draw a Lion — Lesson 6

How to Draw a Lion

This is the most difficult method for children, and the animal itself is the most realistic.

We start with the nose and muzzle.

We outline the outline of the jaw, cheeks and a little forehead.

We complete the line of the forehead along with the ears.

Add a noble mane.

You also need to draw the eyes, eyebrows and add some strokes to the mane area.

Now we draw partially the front paws and the back of the lion, which will be in a sitting position.

We complete the paws and draw the belly line.

We display the thigh and hind legs in the form of a semicircle.

The tail will complete the design.

This turned out to be an excellent example of a predator.

How to Draw a Lion

All that remains is to color it with pencils.

How to Draw a Lion

This is the last lesson on the topic: how to draw a lion. Successful creative process and excellent results!

How to Draw a Lion

Even more ideas in the section — how to draw.

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