How to Draw a Rose: Easy Step by Step For Kids (3 ways)

How to Draw a Rose

How to draw a rose in the easiest way? Follow the step-by-step photo review by choosing your favorite option from the three presented.

What is needed for creativity?

  • Paper;
  • Simple pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Choice of: colored pencils, felt-tip pens, crayons or paints.

How to Draw a Rose With a Pencil?

Rose Step by Step – 1 Way

How to Draw a Rose

At first glance it seems that the drawing is complex, but look carefully, the rose consists of simple shapes and lines. Draw, following the step-by-step review, and you will get such a wonderful flower.Draw a spiral at the top of the sheet. Be sure to draw without pressing on the pencil in order to later erase the lines that have already become unnecessary.

Draw a semi-oval to the bottom of the spiral.

Draw 4 parallel lines on the spiral itself. This will be the inner rosebud.

Draw petals along the edges of the cupped spiral – the core. Draw with a pencil without pressure one petal at a time, trying to place at least 5-6 pieces.

How to Draw a Rose
Draw wavy lines in the center of each petal.

How to Draw a Rose
This is how the rose flower turned out.

Let’s move on to the stem and leaves. Draw an elongated semi-oval at the bottom of the flower. Draw a slightly curved line down from it, add thin needles.

Draw two leaves on the sides of the stem.

How to Draw a Rose
They have veins on them.

How to Draw a Rose
The rose leaves are slightly jagged along the edges, draw zigzag-like lines on top, along the outer contour of the leaves.

Erase the previous lines with an eraser. Older children can immediately draw the leaves with notches.

How to Draw a Rose
The rose drawing is ready.
It remains only to color it with pencils, or felt-tip pens, if desired – with paints.

How to Draw a Rose
How to Draw a Rose Step by Step – 2 Way

How to Draw a Rose

Another interesting way to draw a rose. The method is not complicated if you follow the scheme, but it is also important to observe the proportions and sizes, since if the circular leaves vary too much in size, the flower will stretch to the sides.
Draw a circle with a compass.

In the middle, but not in the center, draw an arcuate line.

Draw two more arcs from the arc: one to the opposite side of the circle, and the second a little before reaching it. In the center of the arcs, add 3 lines to form the core of the flower.

Draw petals on the four sides of the circle.

Add 4 more small petals between them. The flower is complete.

How to Draw a Rose

Draw him a stem.

How to Draw a Rose
Draw the leaves.

How to Draw a Rose

Color carefully. The rose drawing is ready.

How to Draw a Rose

How to Draw a Rose

How to Draw a Rose for Beginners – 3 Way

How to Draw a Rose

Here the rose is still unopened, rather its bud. Drawing is a little more difficult than the previous options, as there is no specific scheme. You just need to watch the actions and try to repeat them as shown in the photo.
Draw a cup-shaped line.

Add two lines to the right.

Raise the bud higher with a few more lines.

Determine the height and shape of the bud by drawing a line on top as shown in the photo.

Swipe from the previous drawing two arcs down and a small one on the right.

Add a core to the bud.

Draw a branching petal on the left.

The drawing of the unopened rose is complete.
Draw him a stem with leaves. It can be of any shape: straight, arched, branching with several branches or with one, with several leaves, one or without them at all.

How to Draw a Rose

How to Draw a Rose
Color the flower if you wish.

How to Draw a Rose
I hope this step-by-step photo review answers the question “how to draw a rose.”

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