How to Draw a Wolf — Step by Step for Kids

How to Draw a Wolf

Step by step instructions on how to draw a wolf. We draw together an evil wolf, learn to draw a predatory forest dweller, at least a little with a cartoonish bias.


  • Simple pencil;
  • Eraser;
  • Gray and black pencils.

How to Draw a Wolf: Stages of Work

Let’s Start With the Head

Draw a circle at the top of the sheet. Do not forget that you need to draw with light movements, without excessive pressure on the stylus. In the future, unnecessary lines can be easily erased with an eraser.

Add a small semi-oval on the side, which will be the muzzle of the animal.

Erase part of the circle so that the muzzle and head become one.

Draw a round nose.

Add an eye and a teardrop grin or grin.

Draw teeth in zigzag lines.

From above, draw the ears upright and a few hairs. The head is ready.

Draw the Body of a Wolf

Draw a pear-shaped torso at the bottom of the head.

How to Draw a Wolf

From below, add uneven ovals of the paws.

How to Draw a Wolf

Connect the ovals to the torso using straight lines to make the paws of the animal.

How to Draw a Wolf

On the sides of the body, draw another pair of paws with claws at the ends.

How to Draw a Wolf

Finish with a tail where one side is an arc and the other is uneven zigzags.

How to Draw a Wolf

The outline of the wolf drawing is ready.

How to Draw a Wolf

Paint in the right color.

How to Draw a Wolf

An example of how to draw a wolf is ready.

Even more simple visual ideas in the rubric – how to draw.

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