How to Draw an Angel — Step by Step Lessons for Kids

How to Draw an Angel

Here are three simple ways — how to draw an angel. These are absolutely childish versions of drawings, light and bright.

For creativity you will need:

  • A sheet of white paper;
  • A simple pencil with an eraser;
  • Ruler, compass if desired;
  • Pencils for coloring a picture.

How to Draw an Angel — Method 1

How to Draw an Angel

The drawing consists of circles, semicircles, triangles and simple lines. A good option for children.

Let’s start with the body, which is a regular triangle. Draw it, for convenience, use a ruler.

Draw by hand or using a compass a circle that will be the angel’s head.

Erase the corner of the triangle in the head area and draw two long triangles on the sides of the body.

Add simple half circles to represent the arms and legs.

Draw hair for your character.

Erase unnecessary lines in the head area. Add wings to the background.

Draw the eyes, nose, eyebrows and smile.

Complete the angel drawing with a halo and circles on the robe.

How to Draw an Angel

The circuit is ready.

How to Draw an Angel

Color the angel in soft pastel colors.

How to Draw an Angel

Drawing an Angel Step by Step — Method 2

How to Draw an Angel

Another children’s version of an angel drawing that children can handle. You can draw by hand or take advantage of a ruler or compass.

Draw a round head.

Add the body.

In the head area, mark the hair.

Complete the head with downcast eyes and a modest mouth.

Display the halo as two ovals — one larger, with a smaller oval inside.

Draw the arms and legs.

Finish with simple round wings.

How to Draw an Angel

This is what a modest little angel we have turned out to be.

How to Draw an Angel

Color it in delicate blue colors and yellow in the hair and halo area.

How to Draw an Angel

How to Draw an Angel — 3 Easy Way

How to Draw an Angel

Follow the step-by-step photo tips to easily and successfully draw such a cute angel.

Start with the head in a small circle.

Add a body or, more likely, a dress.

Draw the triangular sleeves.

Label your hands.

At this stage you should also draw the wings. They can be of any form, the one that children can most easily reproduce. For example, you can make the wings round, oval, and even triangular.

Now we return to the head again, where draw the hair.

Use an eraser to erase the lines from the circle to make the drawing more harmonious.

Draw downcast eyes with eyelashes and a smile.

Finish with an oval halo.

How to Draw an Angel

The drawing is completely ready.

How to Draw an Angel

All that remains is to paint it in the appropriate colors.

How to Draw an Angel

The step-by-step instructions on how to draw an angel are complete. Interesting creative process and excellent results!

For those who like to draw, there are many different ideas in the section — how to draw.

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