How to Draw Santa Claus Step by Step

How to Draw Santa Claus

On the eve of Christmas, many people wonder how to draw Santa Claus? The presented step-by-step lesson will be the answer to this question.


  • White sheet of paper;
  • A simple pencil and eraser;
  • Colored pencils, crayons or markers.

How to Draw Santa Claus — Main Steps

At the top of the paper, draw an oval that will be the face of the Christmas character. Note that there should still be room for the cap on top.

Draw a circle at the bottom of the oval, this is the beard of Santa Claus.

Use an eraser to erase the intersecting lines.

At the bottom, draw part of the clothes.

Add a round nose to the head area.

Draw a bushy mustache.

Erase unnecessary lines in the mustache area.

Draw the hands.

Add the semblance of legs below. First two hemispheres.

And then two long ovals.

Erase unnecessary intersections of lines with an eraser. Draw triangular eyebrows and eye arches.

How to Draw Santa Claus

Now we need to display the cap. To do this, first draw one part of it in the form of a semi-oval line encircling the head.

How to Draw Santa Claus

Then draw in the remaining details of the cap and the pompom at its tip.

How to Draw Santa Claus

Add lines on the arms and clothing to later highlight the piping with white.

How to Draw Santa Claus

That’s it, the outline of the drawing is ready.

How to Draw Santa Claus

All that remains is to paint it in the desired colors, where the clothes are usually in red or blue colors.

How to Draw Santa Claus

The lesson on how to draw Santa Claus is finished. Easy and interesting creativity!

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