How to Make a Giraffe

How to Make a Giraffe

Step by step tutorial – how to make a giraffe. An easy craft for children, where the body of the animal is a cone. Step by step instructions with photos.

What will be needed for work?

  • Yellow cardboard or paper;
  • Orange paper;
  • Orange marker and black;
  • Scissors, glue.

How to Make a Giraffe: Basic Steps

Prepare the paper from which you will need to make a cone. As you know, a cone is easy to make from a circle, part of which needs to be cut off. The smaller the segment, the wider the cone. A giraffe needs a narrow cone, so only a quarter of the circle can be left. Or a little more for the area to be glued.

Fold the segment into a cone, glue the edges.

Now prepare the small details that will help turn the cone into the character we need:

  • Cut out an oval head;
  • Two legs;
  • Two ears;
  • A semicircular figure for the muzzle (but you can paint over this area with a felt-tip pen);
  • Two thin stripes for horns;
  • Orange circles for stains. They are easy to make with a hole punch.

By the way, all the orange parts can be drawn with a felt-tip pen.

Glue horns with round balls at the ends, ears, some of which sketch with a felt-tip pen, muzzle. Draw eyes, nostrils. Glue the head to the top of the cone.

Add legs and spots. Everything, a bright craft is ready.

How to Make a Giraffe

Now you know how to make a giraffe in the fastest and easiest way.

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