How to Make a Hedgehog out of Paper

How to Make a Hedgehog

How to make a hedgehog in a simple way. Step by step lesson for kids with photo. We replenish the collection of paper animals.

What you need for crafts:

  • Orange cardboard. You can also use paper, but then the hedgehog can be with a slightly deformed surface, as well as less stable.
  • Beige paper for muzzle and paws.
  • Some red white and black paper for the nose and eyes.
  • A simple pencil, scissors, glue.

How to Make a Hedgehog

You can use a sample template, but kids might be more interested in making their own hedgehog. Moreover, it is quite easy and interesting. On a white cardboard sheet, you need to draw a straight horizontal line, and on its sides two outgoing lines upwards. This will be a kind of stand, thanks to which the hedgehog will be stable on the surface. Next, in a circle, you should draw zigzags, the future needles of the animal. Cut out the template along the outline.

Take the orange cardstock and fold it in half. The fold should be at the bottom. Set the hedgehog template on the cardboard so that the horizontal line falls on the fold of the cardboard. Circle and cut out.

When opened, you should get something like this.

From beige or pink cardboard, cut out a heart and round its sharp corner. You will also need two paws.

Glue a muzzle with paws, add a red round nose, paper eyes made of white and black paper, draw a smile.

How to Make a Hedgehog

Fold the workpiece in half so that a flat stand forms at the bottom.

How to Make a Hedgehog

Everything, the hedgehog craft is ready.

How to Make a Hedgehog

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