How to Make an Origami Mouse Step by Step

How to Make an Origami Mouse

This tutorial shows how to make an origami mouse in an easy way. Origami consists of three parts: the body and two impressive ears. All parts are simple and easy to put together even by children.


  • Colored paper for three square pieces. Color and size depends only on your own preferences;
  • Black felt-tip pen, scissors, glue;
  • Any eyes. But they can also be displayed using a felt-tip pen.

How to Make an Origami Mouse

Prepare 3 identical squares. Set aside two, and place the third in front of you.

Mouse Body

Fold the square into a triangle, carefully fitting the corners and sides.

Expand the triangle, returning it to the shape of a square. Align the right side with the center fold.

Then left.

In the same way, bend the right side only at the bottom of the part.

Now the left.

Fold up the bottom corner of the diamond.

For convenience, the figure is turned upside down.

Point the bottom corner to the top side of the part.

How to Make an Origami Mouse

In the next step, we will make a tail for the mouse. But, whoever does not want to bother with this, may well skip the next step, and simply cut the tail itself separately and glue the origami to the mouse.

So, ponytail. Fold the corner back and flip the paper over to the other side.

From the bottom corner and to the central fold, make a cut, narrow at the beginning and slightly thickening at the end.

Turn the part over and return the corner back, bend the tail to the side.

How to Make an Origami Mouse

Turn over again, the mouse body is ready.

How to Make an Origami Mouse

We Fold our Ears

As mentioned, they also need a piece of square-shaped paper.

Fold it in half to make a rectangle.

Open and, focusing on the fold, bend all the corners into the central part of the square. First.


Then, again bend all the corners to the center.

At the end, bend 3 corners quite a bit to round the workpiece, make it drop-shaped.

How to Make an Origami Mouse


Fold the other sheet over to make two ears.

How to Make an Origami Mouse


Glue the ears to the body, draw a muzzle, paws. Glue or draw eyes too. If desired, decorate the ears with pink circles. That’s it, the funny rodent is ready.

How to Make an Origami Mouse

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