Ladybugs Craft for Kids — Easy Paper Collage

Ladybugs Craft

A bright ladybugs craft is a great option for kid’s creativity in spring and summer. The details are all simple, which will appeal to kids.

The juicy colors are reminiscent of carefree summer, fun and vacation, giving kids even more motivation to do such work. Moreover, ladybugs are insects loved by all kids.

For creativity, you will need the following materials:

  • Blue cardboard for the base;
  • Colored paper in yellow, red, black, green;
  • White paper;
  • Small pieces of any colored paper for flowers;
  • Compasses, simple pencil, scissors, glue stick, felt-tip pen;
  • Hole punch for cutting flowers.

Ladybugs Craft Step by Step

Prepare the cardboard base on which the collage will be placed. Size and shape at your own discretion. Half of the cardboard will be occupied by another background – yellow. You get an interesting combination of blue skies and a sunny field that can be seen in the distance. Cut off the yellow paper, the length and width of which correspond to half the blue base. Also cut green paper into long strips with pointed tips. The grass should be of different heights, some specimens can be made a little higher than the yellow part of the craft.

Glue yellow paper on the blue background at the bottom of it, add grass. You do not need to completely dip it in glue, it is enough to glue only from below. This will create volume of work, especially if the tips of the grass are slightly lifted up.

3D Ladybug Craft

Bright insects in this craft are voluminous. To create one ladybug, you will need two red circles of colored paper and one black oval. You also need to prepare small black circles for the shell and eyes.

Glue the eyes on the tip of the oval, fold the red circles in half and glue them to the body, slightly moving them apart. The more the wings are spread, the more it looks like an insect in flight, flies over a flowery lawn. Glue the black dots to the red area of ​​the insect.

Ladybugs Craft

Make the desired number of ladybugs, matching them to the base. After all, it is desirable that they all fit and not even back to back.

Glue your creatures to the grass, some can fly higher.

Ladybugs Craft

Clouds can be simply cut out of paper of any desired shape. And also they can be made voluminous. Draw a free-form cloud on white paper, fold it three times and cut out three identical clouds at once.

Glue the first one completely onto the cardboard base, and fold the other two in half lengthwise and attach only in the middle area. Thanks to this, the edges of the clouds can be lifted so that they become voluminous, fluffy. In the same way, you can make a second cloud, changing the size and shape at your own discretion and the availability of free space on top of the cardboard.

From colored paper, cut out any flowers of bright colors and decorate the field with them. Draw insect antennae with a felt-tip pen.

Ladybugs Craft

That’s it, a bright summer ladybugs craft is ready.

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