Mouse of a Toilet Paper Roll

Mouse of a toilet paper roll

Despite the fact that there are lots of various mice already being present on the site, there is no mouse of a toilet paper roll yet. Therefore, in this review I will show you one of the options to craft a mouse that is very funny and cute to my mind.

Prepare the materials:

  • Grey cardboard; you can use grey paper for the body;
  • Pink colored paper;
  • A toilet paper roll or half a paper towel roll;
  • Moving eyes;
  • A glue stick, scissors, a writing pencil.

Mouse of toilet paper roll step by step

Wrap the roll with grey paper or cardboard; mark the roll width and height on the paper and cut a section you need.

Glue the paper to the roll.

Prepare small details of the mouse:

  • Two grey cardboard circles that will make up ears and two small pink paper ones to complement them; glue them together;
  • Two front paws of grey cardboard;
  • Hind paws. You can make them both separate and as a single detail, so that you won’t need to stick them to the sides, but just insert into the cuts;
  • Cut an oval stomach and small nose out of pink paper;
  • We need white paper teeth as well. Just cut out a triangle and cut its two corners off; use a black felt pen to draw a line in the middle to mark two separate teeth;
  • Cut a thin strip out of grey cardboard to make a tail.

Make small cuts on the roll sides and insert the ears into them. Be careful, don’t overdo it, and don’t let the ears fall into the cuts completely.

Mouse of a toilet paper roll

Stick the eyes, teeth, whiskers, and the nose atop of the mouse. Attach the paws to the sides. Make cuts on the bottom side of the roll and insert the hind (I feel like calling them bottom ones) paws into them. Use a pencil to curl the tail a bit and stick it as well.

Mouse of a toilet paper roll

The mouse of toilet paper roll is ready; optionally, you can draw eyelashes for it.

Mouse of a toilet paper roll

Here, you can see a mouse with a tiger make of a roll that resembles it a bit.

craft of a toilet paper roll

Many other ideas in the collection of Paper Animals Craft.

Many other ideas in the collection of Paper Animals Craft.

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