Mushroom of Pipe Cleaners and Pom Poms

Mushroom of Pipe Cleaners

Mushroom of pipe cleaners and small pompoms is a nice, soft, pleasantly tactile craft. Making it is not difficult at all, but you will need decent glue to join the parts; in the ideal case it should be a thermal gun, otherwise your toadstool won’t be solid enough.

For the craft you will need:

  • 2 red pipe cleaners;
  • 3 white fluffy wires;
  • 5 white pompons;
  • A glue gun.

Mushroom of Pipe Cleaners Step by Step

The photo shows 2 wires only, since you can use them to make a tiny toadstool. But since my pompons turned out to be not miniature enough, I added a few more wires to make the toadstool’s cap and leg bigger.

Further steps are very simple. I connected two red wires by fastening their ends together. Then, twisted them in a tight spiral, fixed the tip with the last loop.

Mushroom of Pipe Cleaners

To make the leg, at the first stage you will need a pencil. The first two white wires are thoroughly twisted in a tight spiral around it.

Then, you can remove the spiral from the pencil and wrap the third wire around the first two more freely. To make the toadstool more stable, the leg end should be wider.

Glue pompons onto the cap and use a heat gut to attach the cap to the leg. That’s it, the mushroom of pipe cleaners is ready.

Mushroom of Pipe Cleaners

If it is not stable enough on the surface, you can attach cardboard, a bottle cap or foam to the leg.

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