Origami Banana — Easy Way Step by Step

Origami Banana

A very simple origami banana, or rather, a bunch of three bananas will turn out, and all this from one sheet of paper. Step by step review with photo.


  • Yellow square paper. The size is optional, depending on the size of the bananas needed;
  • Scissors, brown marker.

Origami Banana Step by Step

Prepare the paper in the shape of a square. By the way, bananas are not only ripe yellow, but also unripe light green. So paper can be preferred to any of these two shades.

Fold the paper in half to make a triangle.

Point the bottom corner of the top layer up. But so that the tip goes a little over the edge.

Bend this end back.

Fold the triangle in half.

For convenience, turn the corner up.

Bend the left corner to the right, but without reaching the edge.

Bend the left corner of the bottom layer to the right as well, making steps equidistant from one another, as it were.

Origami Banana

Bend the left corner back.

Origami Banana

Round the sharp ends of all bananas with scissors.

Origami Banana

Draw the edges with a felt-tip pen. That’s it, the origami banana is ready.

Origami Banana

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