Origami Bear Tutorial — Step by Step Instruction

origami bear

Simple origami bear. Step by step process with photo. Easy creative work of medium difficulty.


  • Square piece of paper;
  • White and black mugs for the muzzle;
  • Plastic eyes;
  • Glue, hole punch.

Origami Bear Step by Step

Position the paper in front of you.

Fold in half, left to right, to mark the fold.

Bend the sides to the fold, aligning them vertically. Right.


Now fold the bottom corners towards the center.

Direct the right corner to the center, making an oblique bend on the right side.

Then left.

Fold in the small corners at the top.

In the same area, bend aside the corners touching in the middle.

Bend the very tips a little to round the ears.

Straighten the corners at the bottom.

origami bear

Open the right side.

Bend the bottom corner to the middle, pointing it up.

Do the same on the left side.

Fold up the bottom corner.

origami bear

In the middle, fold the side corners, trying to make them symmetrical.

origami bear

Flip over to the other side.

origami bear

Glue a white circle, and a smaller black one on top to make a muzzle. Add eyes, the origami bear is ready.

origami bear

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