Origami Bus in 7 Easy Steps

Origami Bus

The easiest option, what can be an origami bus. Light bus made of paper for creating applications, collages. Suitable for kids and beginners.


  • Colored paper;
  • White paper;
  • Scissors, glue.

Origami Bus Step by Step

Prepare colored paper in the shape of a square. Size, as well as color, at your own discretion.

Fold the square in half to form a rectangle. With this action, we will determine the middle of the square.

Open the paper and fold the bottom half towards the middle.

Then the top one.

Bend the corners of the lower part down, directing them to the sides. Try to branch them in the middle.

Origami Bus

Bend the side corners, use a smaller area on the left, and a large area on the right. At this stage, you can bend the corners on the wheels to round them a little. But this step can be done completely later, or skipped altogether.

Origami Bus

Flip over to the other side, the origami bus is almost ready.

Origami Bus

It remains only to supplement it with windows made of white paper, headlights in the form of circles made of red paper and yellow.

Origami Bus

The number and size of windows can be varied, made more or less. Moreover, all additions can be drawn. Work completed.

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