Origami Carrot for Kids

Origami Carrot

Interested in origami carrot, which can be done quickly and easily? Then this method is for you. A very simple paper carrot, despite the fact that it consists of two parts — tops and root.


  • Green and orange paper;
  • Glue;
  • Optionally, paper eyes, felt-tip pen.

Origami Carrot Step by Step

To make carrots, you will need two square pieces of paper, the same size – orange for the vegetable and green for the tops.

We fold the root crop

Prepare orange paper in the shape of a square.

Fold it into a triangle to mark the fold.

Open and fold the sides, aligning them with the fold in the center.

Pull down the top corner.

Bend in the middle of the upper side corners.

Origami Carrot

Turn over to the other side, the origami vegetable is ready.

Origami Carrot

Carrot leaves

Now green paper of a square shape will come in handy.

Fold the square into a triangle.

Straighten and fold again into a triangle, connecting the two remaining corners.

The intersecting folds we need are ready.

Fold again into a triangle and bend the right corner to the upper corner.

Then point the left one in the same direction.

Bend the right corner to the side, making a small crease.

Origami Carrot

Fold the left corner in the same way. The leaves are ready.

Origami Carrot

Glue the leaves to the root.

Origami Carrot

Optionally, add eyes, a smile. This is how a funny origami carrot turned out, ideal for children.

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