Origami Chicken in 7 Easy Steps

Origami Chicken

This origami chicken can be done even by children. All steps are simple and clear. Great craft for Easter.

It looks especially great from decorative paper, but it is quite interesting to itself with the usual yellow, orange.

What is needed for origami?

  • Any square paper;
  • Orange paper for the beak;
  • Paper or plastic eyes;
  • Scissors, glue.

Origami Chicken Step by Step

Prepare the paper and give it a square shape.

Fold the paper into a triangle.

Then fold again into a triangle to mark the fold in the middle.

Open and fold the side corners towards the center.

Bend to the sides, making a small fold.

Turn over to the other side and fold the top corner down.

Origami Chicken

Use scissors to cut the top corner into small strips until the fold.

Origami Chicken

Bend the edges back, and lift the rest of the strips. It will be a funny little chicken.

Cut out a long rhombus from orange paper, bend it in half and glue it – you get a beak. Add any eyes, you can make them on black and white paper, or simply draw them with a felt-tip pen. As an option – glue ready-made plastic ones.

Origami Chicken

That’s it, the origami chicken is ready.

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