Origami Dandelion Step by Step

Origami Dandelion

This origami dandelion consists of several parts — flower, stem, sepals and leaves. But, it is very easy to fold it, all actions are simple and clear.


  • Green paper:
  • Yellow paper;
  • Scissors, ruler, glue.

Origami Dandelion for Kids in Stages

For this spring-summer flower, we need pieces of green and yellow paper:

  • For a flower – yellow paper in the shape of a square, 15:15 cm in size;
  • For leaves – two paper green squares 10:10 cm;
  • For the sepals, a green square 5:5 cm or even smaller;
  • For the stem – a strip of cardboard or green paper 15:4 cm.

Dandelion Flower

Prepare a square piece of yellow paper.

On its surface, you need to make several intersecting folds in order to easily fold the basic origami shape — a double triangle. Fold the square into a triangle. Straighten and fold again, connecting the other two corners.

Flip to the other side and fold the square in half to form a rectangle.

Open, direct the horizontal fold inward.

Press the top to the bottom.

Here’s a double triangle.

Point the corners of the top layer up.

Origami Dandelion

Lift up and two corners of the bottom layer, trying to make the same distance between the corners. The origami flower is ready.

Origami Dandelion

Origami Dandelion


Next in line we will have a sepal. It folds in the same way as a flower, only later it will still be necessary to bend the sides.

  • Prepare a small square of green paper;
  • Fold it into a double triangle;
  • Bend to the top all corners;
  • Fold back the sides.

Origami Dandelion

Origami Dandelion

Glue the sepal to the flower.

Origami Dandelion


Everything is extremely simple here. Cut out the rectangle.

Fold it several times to form a hard stem. For these purposes, you can also take cardboard of the appropriate color.

Origami Dandelion Leaves

For the sheet, you will also need square-shaped paper.

Fold the square into a triangle to determine the middle.

Open the paper, and then, for convenience, unfold so that the fold is vertical.

Align the sides of the square with the fold.

Flip over to the other side.

Move the right fold to the center while straightening the side of the paper to the side.

Do similar manipulations on the left.

Origami Dandelion

Flip over to the other side. The sheet is ready.

Origami Dandelion

Make two of these leaves.

Origami Dandelion

Glue the stem to the sepal, and then add the leaves to the stem itself. This is how the origami dandelion turned out. The actions are very simple, so there will be no particular difficulties in the process of work.

Origami Dandelion

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