Origami Duck Step by Step

Origami Duck

Origami duck of medium difficulty. An interesting paper duck in a step-by-step design with a photo.


  • Double-sided colored square paper;
  • Glue, eyes (paper, plastic, you can draw with a felt-tip pen).

Origami Duck Step by Step

Prepare the paper in the shape of a square. The size can be anything but very small. So, for example, it is quite difficult to fold a duck from a 5:5 cm segment, especially its small details.

On the right side of the duck, determine the middle, you can use a ruler, or fold it in half, but without making a fold, but only slightly outlining the desired landmark.

Bend the lower left corner to the intended landmark, a little short of the edge.

Bend the upper right corner down, overlapping the folded paper.

Open the sides, the folds we need are visible on the paper.

Fold the bottom left corner to the first fold.

Align the upper right corner with the fold opposite.

Along the fold, fold the left side of the paper again.

Fold the right side also so that the edges meet in the middle.

Bend down the top corner, touching it with the bottom.

Straighten and bend the top corner again to the resulting fold.

Now the same part needs to be turned into an origami duck head. To do this, slightly open the upper corner and straighten it, aligning it along the edge.

On the left side, do the same.

Turn over to the other side and bend the neck and head area, as shown in the photo.

Origami Duck

Fold in half, along with the head.

For convenience, turn the duck model into a horizontal position.

Straighten your neck, placing it vertically to the body.

Raise your head.

Now we will make a beak. To do this, bend the corner to the right, and then, making a small crease, point the corner to the left.

Origami Duck

Origami Duck

This fold now needs to be hidden in the middle. To do this, open the beak.

And redirect along the fold inward.

Origami Duck

Press, the beak is ready. Bend the corner in the tail area.

Origami Duck

And then, again making a fold, point the tail in the opposite direction.

Origami Duck

This fold also needs to be hidden in the middle. Open the paper slightly and redirect the folds inward.

Now a small tail will stick out nicely where it should be.

Origami Duck

Glue on the eyes and the origami duck is completely ready.

Origami Duck

Origami Duck

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