Origami Fish: the Easiest Way for Kids

origami fish

Making an origami fish according to this scheme is very easy. It can be made just in a few steps. Kids will easily cope with this work, so be prepared that fish of various colors and sizes will haunt you everywhere.

You will need:

  • Square piece of colored paper;
  • Scissors, perhaps a ruler and a pencil;
  • Any type of eyes. Or a felt pen to draw them.

How to Make an Origami Fish?

Place a square piece of paper of any size in front of you.

origami fish

Then, you need to scribe the lines that you will use to fold the fish easily. To do this, fold the square on the diagonal – corner to corner. Make one fold at first and follow with the second one.

origami fish
You should get these intersectional folds.

origami fish
Fold the sheet in half, side to side.

origami fish
Redirect the upper side corners inwards. Press thoroughly and smooth over the folds.

origami fish
The origami fish is almost complete. All you need to do is to cut off the edge from its double side, as shown in the photo (the fish is turned to the left). For the sake of convenience, you can draw lines at first, or cut it off at once. There are no exact proportions, what the fish tail and side fins should be like. Anyway, all fish will be different. You can make the tail thinner or thicker, longer or very short.

origami fish

Finally, attach or draw the eyes. If you wish, you can color paint the fish and draw scales on it. The origami fish is ready.

origami fish

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