Origami Heart Bookmark

Origami Heart Bookmark

In this tutorial, the origami heart bookmark is presented in two versions. The first is a bookmark placed between the pages, and the second is a corner in the form of a heart.

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What you need for origami:

  • Red paper, square shape;
  • Scissors and a simple pencil.

Origami Heart Bookmark Step by Step

1 Way

Prepare a piece of red or pink paper in the shape of a square. Dimensions — at your own discretion. For books, bookmarks are optimal when the sides of the paper are not less than 10:10 cm and not more than 20:20 cm.

Fold the square into a triangle to mark the first fold.

Unfold and fold again into a triangle, connecting the other two corners to make a second cross fold.

Place the square in front of you with the corner up and center the right corner.

Then the left.

Fold up the bottom corner.

Now straighten the side corners, and press the bottom one to the center as well.

Fold the part of the paper up on the right side, note that the corner of the fold at the bottom should be in the center of the bottom of the paper.

Fold the left side up so that it is symmetrical to the right.

Now we need to redirect the right corner down. The photo shows the gradual redirection of the corner.

Straighten it out first.

And then fold the resulting corner to the bottom corner.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Do the same on the right side. In the photo, the corners are a little puffy, but if you press them, they will both be in full contact with the bottom corner.

Fold both corners up.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Lift the folded corner area up.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Flip over to the other side.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Lower the upper long corner down.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Flip over to the other side again.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Bend the top sharp corners back to round the heart.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Everything, the bookmark is ready, it can be placed between the pages of the book: top, side and even bottom.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Origami Heart Bookmark — 2 way

Prepare red paper in the shape of a square, for example, its sides can be 15:15 cm.

Fold the square into a triangle.

Lower the corner of the upper layer of the double triangle down.

Bend the right and left corners to the top corner.

Now direct the right corner into the resulting pocket.

On the left, the pocketing process is shown in more detail. Bend the corner a little.

Origami Heart Bookmark

We wrap it in a pocket.

We press firmly.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Corner bookmark is ready. In the past, we have already made many variants of corners with this technique. You can see additional examples: tiger bookmark, tree bookmark.

To turn the corner into a heart, for convenience, first draw rounded spheres on the corner.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Cut along the contour, also round the side corners with scissors.

Origami Heart Bookmark

That’s it, the origami heart bookmark is ready.

Origami Heart Bookmark

Origami Heart Bookmark

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