Origami Monkey Step by Step: DIY Paper Monkey

Origami Monkey

Origami monkey of medium difficulty. Practical guide to creative activity. Funny paper monkey step by step.

What is needed to create an animal?

  • Colored or decorative paper;
  • Scissors, marker, glue.

Origami Monkey — Step by Step Instructions

You will need paper in the shape of a square.

Fold it in half to mark the middle.

Open and fold the bottom of the paper towards the middle.

Then connect the top with it.

Open the paper and flip to the other side. You will get two parallel horizontal folds.

Now lay the first fold over the second.

Open the paper from the top side. And also put the top fold on the second, while making a crease inside.

Turn the paper over, here the whole structure is visible in more detail.

Point the bottom up, folding the paper in half to mark the middle.

Straighten and fold the lower part of the paper to the middle, again outlining the guidelines we need.

Straighten and fold the bottom to the newly made fold.

Point the top area down.

Open and fold the resulting fold back, making a crease on the back side.

Fold the top of the paper up to the crease.

There will be a small pocket in the center, expand it with your finger and bring the sides together to make a square.

For convenience, turn the paper to the side.

Fold the bottom piece up towards the middle. On the left, a pocket is formed again.

Raise it. Just lower the right side of the pocket down, and point the corner of the left to the middle and press. You will get a small triangle.

Expand by swapping top and bottom.

Small corners are visible on the left, bend them as shown in the photo.

Straighten the bottom corner and redirect it to the left.

Further, as well as from above, bend up to the middle the lower side.

From the resulting pocket, fold the same design as on top.

Unfold and bend a small ponytail up and slightly to the side.

Origami Monkey

Bend the corners shown by the arrows down.

Origami Monkey

Direct the right side of the upper part first to the left, then make a small fold and bend back.

Origami Monkey

On the left, do the same, making the sides symmetrical.

Origami Monkey

Bend the top corner down.

Origami Monkey

Flip over to the other side, the origami monkey is almost ready. It’s time to give her a makeover.

Origami Monkey

To do this, cut out the muzzle or make its outline with a marker. Add eyes, nose, smile. Blush circles decorate the craft well.

Origami Monkey

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