Origami Santa Claus from Paper — Easy Way Step by Step

Origami Santa Claus

Step-by-step instruction of Christmas creativity — origami Santa Claus. How to make Santa Claus out of paper the easy way.

What materials will be needed:

  • Colored paper (in this version, decorative for the Christmas theme, one side of which is white);
    plastic eyes;
  • Red paper and white for nose circles, pom pom and buttons;
  • Felt pen, glue, scissors.

Origami Santa Claus Step by Step

Prepare the paper by shaping it into a square. The size is at your own discretion. Lay in front of you color up. The reverse side is white. This is important, as the white color will subsequently be in the area of ​​the head and the edge of the cap.

Fold the corners together to make a triangle. With this action, we will determine the middle.

Open the paper and fold both sides in the middle, aligning them with the fold.

Then, align exactly the same to the fold in the center of the side at the bottom. Right.


Turn over to the other side and lift the bottom corner of the diamond to the top, folding it in half.

You get a triangle like this. Open up the sides.

Point the corner from the middle down, while move the side marked in the photo to the level of the fold.

Bend the side corner, aligning it in the middle.

And then make a fold in the other direction to hide in the inside of this character.

Fold the right side in the same way.

Origami Santa Claus

And hide the corner in the middle.

Origami Santa Claus

Bend the white corner back.

Origami Santa Claus

Then fold in a small crease on the white part, which will be the edge of the cap.

Origami Santa Claus

Fold back both sides, aligning them with a triangle at the back.

Origami Santa Claus

Now the simplest part of the work remains — giving the appearance. Glue eyes, nose, draw a smile. Also, it will not be superfluous to add a cap, clothes with circles. Everything, origami Santa Claus is ready.

Origami Santa Claus

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