Origami Spider — Step by Step Instruction

Origami Spider

Origami spider step by step. Detailed instructions with photos. One of the options for what a paper spider can be.


  • A piece of paper in the shape of a square;
  • Any eyes.

Origami Spider Step by Step

The work used square paper 15:15 cm.

On the surface of the paper you need to make 4 intersecting folds.

Make the first two by folding the paper corner to corner.

Then fold the paper in half, straighten and fold the rectangle again.

It will turn out such folds, thanks to which it is easy to make the basic origami shape — a double square.

To do this, direct the horizontal fold inward, while bringing to the fore the corner folds.

Press down, the double square is ready.

Bend to the middle the right side of the top layer of the square.

Then also fold the left side to the center. By this we will designate the folds, thanks to which the bent sides can be easily directed inward.

Open the bottom corner and hide the right side inside.

Then left.

Flip over to the other side. Here you need to do all the same steps.

Fold the right side to the center first.

And after the left.

Slightly open and redirect the sashes inward.

Pull the bottom corner up.

Cut the top of the diamond from the corner to the center as shown in the photo.

Lift the bottom right side of the corner. Open to the right and point to the side for convenience. Cut in two.

Also cut on the left.

Origami Spider

We get these 4 parts, from which we will fold the legs of the origami spider.

Raise all these future paws up.

Bend the bottom corner of the paper to the horizontal fold in the center.

Then return this area to its original position, and then bend the corner again, but to the resulting fold.

Bend the corner again to the same fold.

And then completely bend to the center.

Origami Spider

Lower the first two legs from above. We will begin to turn them into spider-type limbs.

Bend the right foot to the side.

Then left.

Lower the corners down, aligning them with the outer sides.

Guided by the photo, bend the top of the right foot.

Then left.

Origami Spider

Now let’s move on to the second pair of legs.

Lower the right side down a little and point to the side.

Origami Spider

Then left.

Origami Spider

Bend the corners down.

Origami Spider

And then bend the top. Right paw.

Origami Spider


Origami Spider

Now lower the last pair of paws down.

Origami Spider

And bend the top corner down.

Origami Spider

Now lift your paws up, on the sides of the corner.

Bend the area near the tips down.

Origami Spider

And then fold up the top side.

Origami Spider

Origami Spider

Flip over to the other side.

Origami Spider

Glue your eyes. Origami spider is ready.

It looks great with a spider web.

Origami Spider

See instructions on how to make paper spider web.

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