Origami UFO in 5 Easy Steps

Origami UFO

Very easy origami UFO for kids and beginners. Step by step review with photo. A good option for work on a space theme.


  • Colored square paper;
  • Light blue and blue paper to cut out the porthole circles;
  • Compasses, scissors, glue.

Origami UFO Step by Step

Prepare paper. In this paper, decorative paper for folding origami on a space theme. The pattern is different on both sides.

On its surface, you need to make a horizontal and vertical intersecting fold.

To do this, fold the paper in half to make a rectangle. Open and fold again, connecting the other two opposite sides.

Fold down the top layer of paper.

In the same area, bend the corners to the sides, starting from the middle.

Fold down both top corners.

Origami UFO

Flip over to the other side. The work is almost completed.

Origami UFO

It remains only to glue the porthole mugs. That’s it, origami UFO is ready.

Origami UFO

A few more options for a spaceship:

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