Paper Ant Craft

Paper Ant

I present to you an idea of ​​what a paper ant can be. The craft itself is easy, it does not require much time and skill.


  • Black cardboard, black paper is also suitable for some parts of the insect;
  • A little white paper for the eyes or ready-made moving purchased eyes;
  • Scissors, glue stick, black marker.

Paper Ant Step by Step

The sizes are arbitrary, it all depends on the desired size of the ant. Cut one rectangle wider — for the body with a cylinder, and the second — a narrow and small rectangle or even a strip — for the head. The third, very small stripe will be the neck, and at the same time the part for fastening the head and body together.

Roll the first two strips into rolls and glue the edges together. At this stage, that is, before gluing, you can coordinate the dimensions and cut off the excess so that the head is not very large or the body is too long.

Glue the strip in the middle of the larger roll, and attach the head to it.

Paper Ant

Cut out from black cardboard, paper can also be used here, two circles, slightly wider than the body. Point one of the circles on one side.

From black cardboard, cut 8 thin strips that will be the paws and whiskers of the ant.

Glue the circles one on top of the other, and then onto the roll body. Also glue the paws from the bottom of the body, closer to the tips of which make folds, imitating the paws of an insect. Attach the antennae to the head and also bend a little. Eyes can be purchased, or cut out of paper. In this version, a very simple way: on white paper with a black felt-tip pen, draw two connected circles, put dots in their middle. And then cut out the drawn eyes, but not along the outline of the drawing, but a millimeter around it.

Paper Ant

This is how an ant made of paper turned out, if it is made of cardboard, then it is stable on the surface, the body is strong, the legs do not move apart.

Paper Ant

Paper Ant

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