Paper Bat Craft

Paper Bat

One of the main characters of Halloween is the bat. There are many ways to create it, but let’s focus on the simplest — paper bats.

A bat created using this method looks original and funny. You can make a lot of these mice and hang them all over the apartment. Or glue it to a thin wooden stick and stick it into a pencil case, a pencil holder, a flowerpot, where fantasy tells.

What materials will be needed:

  • Black double-sided paper or loose cardboard;
  • Just a little white and red paper for the eyes, mouth and teeth;
  • Wooden stick. You can use a small barbecue;
  • Scissors, glue stick, simple pencil, ruler, compasses.

How to Make a Paper Bat

Draw and cut out two circles. Keep in mind that the torso is one half of a circle, so a too small circle will make a very small bat. I have a circle diameter equal to a small saucer. Actually, I used it instead of a compass.

Cut these two circles in half to make 4 half circles. Remove one right away, we won’t need it.

Take a semicircle and fold it into a kind of bag, but not at all tightly.

Paper Bat

Turn the front part towards you and adjust so that the protruding ears are symmetrical.

Paper Bat

Draw on the second semicircle the outlines of the wing of a bat, as in the figure. This is not difficult at all: a long arc on the straight side, two short ones on the sides and two semicircles diverging from the rounded side.

Fold the two semicircles together and cut out both wings at once along the drawn outline.

Paper Bat

Glue the eyes onto the bat’s head. They are cut out of white and black paper, where black is the pupil. Pupils can be placed in a fun way, such as squinting inwards. It’s great if you have ready-made moving eyes, they look funny, they always give even the most mediocre crafts a special, interesting look. Also cut and glue a semicircular red stripe for the mouth and two sharp white triangles for the teeth.

Paper Bat

Glue wings to the back of the head and the paper bat is ready.

Paper Bat

It can be hung on strings, pinned to something with a pin, or attached to a wooden stick. I successfully glued it with glue, but for reliability it is better to use adhesive tape.

Paper Bat

Even more ideas in the heading — crafts for Halloween.

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