Accordion Fold Paper Butterflies

Paper Butterflies

Accordion fold paper butterflies combining different colors – a very beautiful craft. And it can also be a sticker if you stick double-sided tape on the back.

Materials for work:

  • Colored paper of any desired color;
  • Some cardboard for the body and antennae of the butterfly;
  • Glue stick, scissors, simple pencil, black felt-tip pen.

Accordion Fold Paper Butterflies Step by Step

To create a butterfly, cut two rectangles from colored paper. The bottom two butterfly wings are slightly smaller than the top ones, so one of the rectangles should be smaller than the other.

A butterfly can be in one color, but its bright multi-colored version looks beautiful. Therefore, I picked up two shades for the wings – red and yellow. The red wings are upper, they are slightly larger than the yellow lower wings both in width and in length.

Let’s start making accordion wings. Prepare a rectangle.

Fold it in half, the photo shows that it is folded from left to right.

Then fold again, top to bottom. That is, we have a folded rectangle with one fold on the left and two on the bottom. Top and right – free ends of the paper. This is important for proper wing cutting.

At the top of the rectangle, draw a line from the right side to the top corner of the left. It can be more sinuous or bulging, depending on how you want to see the wings of a butterfly.

Trim along the line, removing the upper left corner.

Open the folded paper, you should get something like the figure in the photo.

Do the same with the second section prepared for the bottom two wings.

Fold both parts into a small accordion, the width of the folds of which is not more than 5 mm. Of course, this size still depends on the size of your butterfly. Since for a butterfly, the size of a sheet of A4 paper, folds up to a centimeter are quite suitable.

Determine the middle of the accordions and bend them. Cut a thin rectangle out of colored paper, fold it 1-2 times to make it look like a belt.

Paper Butterflies

Apply plenty of glue to this belt and fasten both wings with it in the fold area in the middle. Press and hold for a while. Spread your wings.

Paper Butterflies

Cut out a small torso of any shape from cardboard. It can be an oval, a schematic figure eight. Draw in the same eyes, a sweet smile, you can also stripes that harmonize well with the stripes on the wings. Cut off thin strips of antennae from colored cardboard, twist their ends into rings and glue to the body.

It remains only to glue the body to the wings and the accordion paper butterflies is ready.

Paper Butterflies

By experimenting with the colors of colored paper, you can make a variety of beautiful and bright butterflies, and with double-sided tape glued on the back, you can make chic stickers that will decorate a child’s room, any room.

Paper Butterflies

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