Paper Crocodile: a Simple Craft for Kids

paper crocodile

A simple paper crocodile for kids. A light voluminous craft made of cardboard in an interesting way.

You will need:

  • Green cardboard;
  • A writing pencil, scissors;
  • Sticky or handmade eyes. As an option, you can use a black felt pen to draw eyes.

How To Make a Paper Crocodile?

Prepare green cardboard of any size you like. You can use the whole A4 sheet. It can be either square or rectangular in shape. It will be more economical if you use the latter.

paper crocodile
Fold the paper in half. Starting from the fold side, draw a kind of an elongated semi-oval with legs. You can see an example in the photo. Kids can draw a straight line parallel to the fold and then round off both sides.

paper crocodile
Cut along the contour.

paper crocodile
Draw frequent, slightly inclined lines on the crocodile’s back or in the fold area. Make cuts along the lines.

craft crocodile

Unfold the paper. The semi-finished paper crocodile looks like an elongated oval with four legs and cuts in the middle.

Paper Crocodile Craft
Fold the corners of all cuts to any of the sides.

Paper Crocodile Craft
Now, fold the cardboard in half again. Cut or draw a mouth and glue eyes. That’s all, the paper crocodile is complete. It will make up a great novelty in the paper animals collection and is also suitable for the Simple Cardboard Crafts column.

paper crocodile

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