Paper Crow – Simple Cone Crafts

Paper Crow

A paper crow based on a cone looks interesting and funny. Be sure to make it with the children, the craft is very easy.

The only difficult action for children may be the design of the cone. But with proper paper preparation, this should not be a problem.

Paper Crow Materials:

  • Black cardboard;
  • Yellow paper. If there are no ready-made eyes, you will also need white paper;
  • Moving eyes;
  • Scissors, compasses, simple pencil, glue stick. With such a minimum, a nice craft is obtained.

How to make a crow out of paper?

At the first stage, a cone should be made from black cardboard. To do this, use a compass to draw a circle on paper. Its value depends on what size you need a crow. In any case, a cone approximately 10 cm high is obtained from a circle for the entire width of A4 cardboard.

The circle is drawn, divide it crosswise into 4 even parts. Depending on how many parts will be involved in the work, the width of the cone is determined. That is, if you cut off one part, the cone will be wide. The cone for the crow needs a rather narrow one, so 2.5 parts need to be cut off from the circle. And from the remaining 1.5 make a cone. In the photo, the sector of the circle that we need for crafts is indicated in red.

Cut it off the circle.

Roll into a ball and glue the sides. The base of the crow is ready, now let’s move on to the small details.

Draw on black cardboard, or first on white paper, a round head with a forelock, tail and wings, cut it out. The wing can be drawn on one side only, then fold the paper in half and cut out two identical parts at once.

From yellow paper, cut out a rhombus-beak and paws. Make the paws more authentic, taking into account the fact that later they will need to be folded into an accordion.

The components of the crows made of paper are ready, it’s time to move on to assembling the bird.

To do this, glue the eyes, beak to the head. Note that the sides of the beak should be on the edge of the head. The beak itself is a little complicated and is pressed in the middle and glued only on the sides and in the upper part. Glue on the crow’s head and tail.

Paper Crow

Attach wings to the back of the cone.

Paper Crow

Fold the paws into an accordion.

Glue them inside the bottom of the cone.

Paper Crow

That’s it, the paper crow is ready. Is she really funny?

Paper Crow

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