Paper Easter Egg Wreath

Paper Easter Egg Wreath

A great Easter craft idea is an paper Easter egg wreath. Thanks to the colorful cardboard from which the paper eggs are made, the wreath looks incredibly bright and festive.
It’s also simple, fast and interesting.

For work you will need the following materials:

  • Multi-colored cardboard;
  • Hard cardboard of any color;
  • Glue stick, compass, scissors, simple pencil.

Hard cardboard is needed to create a ring on which the eggs will be attached to form a wreath. This can be a colored cardboard cover, which is often very hard, or part of a cardboard box. As an option, use a paper plate with the center cut out.

How to Make an Paper Easter Egg Wreath

First you need to draw a circle with a compass, and in it there is another one, a little smaller in size.

Cut out the drawn ring.

Next, prepare multi-colored eggs. You can draw or redraw the outline of an egg on the Internet, cut it out, and then use it as a finished stencil so that all the eggs in the wreath are the same. The number of paper eggs depends on the size of the cardboard ring. I needed 16.

Colored cardboard is suitable in different colors; you can take fewer shade options. A beautiful wreath in pastel colors, made from paper with an Easter-themed pattern.

Once the required number of eggs is ready, it’s time to place them on the ring. Alternating colors, glue the first row of eggs, then the second at the joints.

Paper Easter Egg Wreath

The paper Easter egg wreath is almost ready, he still needs to glue a thin strip of paper, bent into a ring, so that the wreath of eggs can be hung. You can also add a bow to the wreath. An ideal replacement for a paper loop and bow is lace or satin braid of a suitable color.

Paper Easter Egg Wreath

Paper Easter Egg Wreath

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