Paper Flamingo Step by Step

Paper Flamingo

Bright paper flamingo for kids. Craft flamingo with a body of circles in a step-by-step review for children’s creativity.

Materials used:

  • Pink cardboard;
  • Black paper;
  • Pink feather;
  • Moving plastic eye;
  • Compasses, scissors, pencil, glue.

Paper Flamingo Step by Step

Draw and cut out of pink cardboard the body of a flamingo with a massive, bent down beak, thin limbs, one of which is bent in the center. Children can be told why flamingos stand on one leg. Thus, the loss of heat during a cold wind is reduced, the bent leg is heated in plumage. Moreover, it is not at all difficult for birds to stand on one leg.

Using the measurements of the beak, cut out a beak from black paper and stick it on the pink part. If desired, the beak can be sketched with a black marker.

Glue the legs, add the eye.

Paper Flamingo

The voluminous body of a flamingo consists of paper circles. Cut out 4 circles from pink cardboard.

Fold 3 circles in half, leave one in its original form.

Glue the 3 circles together, joining the sides, then glue onto the unfolded circle, using glue only in the center. In principle, you can glue the sides of all 4 circles at once.

Glue the resulting voluminous body onto the cut-out flamingo blank.

Paper Flamingo

At the back, attach a pink feather or even several with tape. The paper flamingo is ready. Multi-colored feathers of different sizes are sold in a large assortment and quite inexpensively on aliexpress.

Paper Flamingo

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