Paper Hedgehog Craft — Easy Cardboard Cone Craft

Paper Hedgehog Craft

For the autumn holiday or for classes with the theme of forest animals, a paper hedgehog craft would be a great idea.

There are a lot of all kinds of hedgehog crafts, this one is simple and affordable materials.

What do you need for a paper hedgehog?

  • Brown cardboard;
  • Beige cardboard or any other, slightly lighter than brown;
  • Compasses, black felt-tip pen, glue stick, simple pencil, scissors.

Paper Hedgehog Craft Step by Step

The hedgehog in this pattern is beautiful, both large and small, so at the initial stage you need to decide what your hedgehog will be, and already, based on this, draw two circles on brown cardboard.

In fact, the hedgehog consists of three cones, so you need to divide the two circles into halves, one of which is not needed.

Roll each half into a cone and seal the edges. You will get three identical brown cardboard cones.

At this stage, you need to make hedgehog spines. To do this, the edges of the cone are cut into small strips, but only on one half of it. That is, the thorns will be only on top of the hedgehog and a little on the sides, the bottom of the cardboard should be in a holistic state. The length of the strip is up to the middle of the cone. After all the strips are ready, they need to be slightly bent to the side.

Paper Hedgehog Craft

Glue all the cones together, leaving a small space between them.

Paper Hedgehog Craft

Next, you need to make a hedgehog head. It will be slightly lighter than the body with spines and also be a cone, only smaller. Therefore, cut out a circle from beige cardboard, a little smaller than it was from brown cardboard.

Cut it in half and discard one half.

Roll the other half into a cone and glue. Try on the head to the body, the cone-head should be no less and no more than the place intended for it – up to the needles. Cut off the excess if the cone is too large, if it is small, it will have to be redone. Draw eyes on it and paint over the tip, which will be the nose of the hedgehog.

Glue the head to the body and the cute paper hedgehog craft is ready.

Paper Hedgehog Craft

It looks beautiful on leaves, both green and yellow.

Paper Hedgehog Craft

And here is a hedgehog under an overgrown paper mushroom.

Paper Hedgehog Craft

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